Trade fairs

Trade Fair

Trade fairs

Promote your business at the fair

Promote yourself Most companies do not inform people who attend a trade fair. It is a big mistake! If you don’t tell anyone that you are in the living room and that all other vendors are not telling your customers that they are in the living room, how do you imagine to must a fruitful show? You must inform all your clients, family and friends of the event you will attend. To do this, you can try some of the following approaches:

Simply send an email, send Twitter updates about the event, post an event on Facebook or invite your Facebook contacts to an existing event page.

Post free ads in online classifieds.

Post a poster in your store so that customers who enter can see or post a note on your website.

These simple but effective methods will increase your chances of success.

Create a special show. Encourage your clients to come to the show by offering a special show. To do this, you can email your customers a printable coupon or give them coupons to distribute to the cashier to inform them about your special offer.

Be sure to prepare everything for the show in advance. So, if you are traveling, book your flights, book your hotels. Make sure you have everything you need for your stand. For example: electrical equipment, carpets, banners, etc.

Organize a contest at your stand. It could be for a product or a free service. Be sure to honor your contest and cancel the prize. That is a excessive technique to shape your e-mailing list. Put a small message on the ballot indicating that they allow you to send them updates about the company, promotions, etc.

Use business cards. Distribute cards with all the details of your business. Or use an online service that sends information to customers by email or an application. Ask them to leave their contact information on a list or through a digital device.

The general label of the show.

Be friendly with everyone who walks near your stand and with those who enter. An informal mode to prepare it is to smile! “Welcome to…”.

Never sit or eat in your cabin. It is not cozy and people will simply move on. For these inevitable breaks, hire staff to help you.

Make your stand presentable. Make an invitation for people to want to see what you have.

Have fun! While this sounds common, potential customers respond to their energy and enthusiasm. If they can see that your product or service is passionate about you, they will be attracted.