Life & Love

Life & Love

Feel life, Live life & Love life, there is too much disapproval, odium, war and lie in our society today and we all require a wake up call. We need to begin becoming conscious of what’s going on about us everyday in our culture. We require to initiate speak the right questions and attract the lead in our lives and not just be blindly pressed about and dictated to or permit ourselves to be inured by the media, governments, religious institutions and corporates anymore.

humankind is at the edge of it’s own self demolition and our stunning mother soil is at the tipping end of collapse and weeping out for aid. Things want to modify and they require to alter fast and the only mode for that to occur is for humanity to have a model shift in it’s thinking, for public to start waking up and suitable conscious and attentive and considering what is around them and establish correcting the inequity in the world.

We necessitate to start reconnecting with our internal spirit, with each other, the earth and the world some religious therapy if you will. We need to pace out of the matrix of modern day civilization and start searching for reality, questioning how it is we have got to this point where is our power and notice focused and wherever can we go from here.

A good place to launch is by loving and living with empathy, seeking and spreading joy all around us, celebrating life and being packed with gratitude. There is a lot beauty of life and love all over the place if we step out and look for it and center our attention in the true places life as we identify it will be so very much different.

Have a feel nice love & life.


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